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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Dec 27, 2009 5:53pm
Forum: texts Subject: Flash code used on IA

Was FLASH ever meant for text uploads in the form of PDFs? Or is Flash optimised for moving images and audio only?

(Flash PLAYER, ever heard of a Flash READER?)

And still-texts are just an afterthought when the IA chose to go FLASH

It appears that when I tried using the NON flash uploader, at some stage it went back to using FLASH.

The full code is on

Below is some brief blocks I copied and pasted from the code.

Flash Event Interfaces
These functions are used by Flash to trigger the various events.

All these functions are Private.

Because the ExternalInterface library is buggy the event calls are added to a queue and the queue then executed by a setTimeout. This ensures that events are executed in a determinate order and that the ExternalInterface bugs are avoided.


-- Flash control methods --
Your UI should use these
to operate SWFUpload
***************************** */

// WARNING: this function does not work in Flash Player 10
// Public: selectFile causes a File Selection Dialog window to appear. This
// dialog only allows 1 file to be selected.
SWFUpload.prototype.selectFile = function () {

// WARNING: this function does not work in Flash Player 10
// Public: selectFiles causes a File Selection Dialog window to appear/ This
// dialog allows the user to select any number of files
// Flash Bug Warning: Flash limits the number of selectable files based on the combined length of the file names.
// If the selection name length is too long the dialog will fail in an unpredictable manner. There is no work-around
// for this bug.

// Public: stopUpload stops the current upload and requeues the file at the beginning of the queue.
// If nothing is currently uploading then nothing happens.
SWFUpload.prototype.stopUpload = function () {


// Private: unescapeFileParams is part of a workaround for a flash bug where objects passed through ExternalInterface cannot have
// properties that contain characters that are not valid for JavaScript identifiers. To work around this
// the Flash Component escapes the parameter names and we must unescape again before passing them along.


/* *************** */
/* Static Members */
/* *************** */
SWFUpload.instances = {};
SWFUpload.movieCount = 0;
SWFUpload.version = "2.2.0 Beta 5 2008-01-29";
HTTP_ERROR : -200,
IO_ERROR : -220,

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Poster: garthus Date: Dec 28, 2009 5:47am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Flash code used on IA


I see no error code 500 in this smippet. The uploader worked last night with kmeleon and mozilla, but keeps crashing with Opera.


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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Dec 28, 2009 3:56pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Flash code used on IA


I wasn't looking for, or posting re any error code 500.

The subject line says "Flash code used on IA" and I was looking for an answer to continues different problems with uploading, once I reached the IA upload page.

And Gerry, I see there are concerns in New York that AT&T might have overloaded its cell phone system.

And seeing its a holiday there and cold, no doubt lots of people are accessing the WWW.

Some of your ISPs are selling WWW access plans "All you can eat" and your law makers have prevented ISPs from rationing bandwidth so all customers get a equal slice.

A few years ago Telecom NZ had a all you can eat DSL plan, the small print stated that no file sharing was allowed, the way Telecom advertised it "UNLIMITED" mean customers did file sharing anyway.

The Legal Watch Dogs ruled against Telecom, thus Telecom paid compensation to all its customers on the plan, began bandwidth rationing, and closed the plan to new comers.

But with all its customers doing unlimited file sharing, at times lots of people could not connect with web sites, generally the error message was "timed out" "web site did not respond in time"

And if you study the code like I did, even though I did not understand very much, I could see there is timing critical code there.

So, when your ISP gets overloaded, very likely you will be getting error messages like "timed out" "web site did not respond in time" AND timing issues with the Internet Archive.

A tip, if you can see your DSL router/modem, watch the flashing lights, and soon you will be able to read what they say.

BTW, I have found a Google caused issue, with the IA and other web sites using Flash uploaders, I have cancelled something Google is doing, but 36 hours later, they wanted confirmation that I was sure, and to prove that, I had to go thru a trouble shooting chart, where they tried to find the issue I had, and fix it so I would not cancel.

Of cause, the chart did not mention my issue. I now wait another 36 hours.


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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Dec 28, 2009 4:30pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Flash code used on IA

Google just did their thing, once I confirmed I was sure, their robot did its thing within minutes.

Gerry, that was the page of error messages I forwarded to you 2 days ago, which over 24 hours, I monitored every web site that has been causing issues, and found Google interfering. (My fault)

Tomorrow I will post if things improve, BUT I might have to reinstall some Fire Fox addons first one by one, and monitor results for a few hours on each change.

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Poster: tracey pooh Date: Jan 30, 2010 1:23pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Flash code used on IA

Hi Gerry and Peter,

[in case this is helpful -- from another thread]

we upgraded backend to a *much* more efficient way to upload files early in the week. that had some known hiccups/disruptions for some servers tues-wed -- fixed by EO wednesday.

then reports started coming in on "every other file upload failing" for flash uploader. i fixed that last nite -- related to windows (firefox and IE) glitching on keepalive so solution is to turn off keepalive globally on server when uploading.

the linux / nonflash was broken -- w/o me realizing it -- from about mon/tues to thurs or so. that should be fixed as of thursday.

all in all, huge upgrades in dec-jan so sorry about the glitches during this period!!


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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Jan 30, 2010 9:39pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Flash code used on IA

Tracey, Tracey,

Ever thought about letting people know in advance?

And I suppose that what you did while on holiday?


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Poster: tracey pooh Date: Jan 30, 2010 10:08pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Flash code used on IA

Hi Peter,

Not really so much about in advance notice. This particular upgrade should have had no effect but to speed things up and make things more reliable. I'd been telling people for months about trying to track down error reports and fix them. I just finally was able to dive in during the last 2-3 months (off and on, depending).

Since no new features were happening, had I done my job "just right", noone would have noticed anything except "hmm, my cornflakes taste a little crunchier today..."

As far as telling people what I was up to on vacation? I thought more about telling people what I did today (ground 3 outlets from 2 prong to 3 prong; upgrade a switch to a dimmer) -- but of course people would start falling asleep on their keyboards if they listened to banter like that from me.

How was your winter vacation?

ineptly (for a few days at least) yours,

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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Jan 30, 2010 11:42pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Flash code used on IA

Summer holiday!!!!

But we got days of wind, gales, fog, and if we are lucky, a few hot days

and shame on you, all power points in NZ are 3 pin grounded.

And is it legal for you to do the wiring yourself? (not that it stops me, I did some work with a electrician once rewiring a house)

But a big worry is all my interconnected equipment via AV Svideo having common internal grounds

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Poster: tracey pooh Date: Feb 2, 2010 6:16pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Flash code used on IA

hi peter!

summer holiday, yay! (i hadn't realized you were in NZ)

legal -- hmm, i'm no expert at all. but given that AFAIK it is legal to install dimmers yourself -- and they *do* often have grounding optional wires to do yourself, the outlets are just about the same (in my case, i merely had to fish ou the existing 3rd copper grounding wire that was bent up outside the outlet box in the wall, and connect them (2 of them, 1 per incoming AC line) to the outlet). i know US code is changing though -- now (or soon) raw stapled wires to wood framing are a no-no -- they have to use conduit sleeves (i gather the theory is to avoid less shocks when drilling or nailing blind thru sheetrock). in high school, for a time, i was considering trying to become and electrician apprentice just because i found wiring things both scary and kind of cool 8-)

and for you, i don't know much about S-video having internal grounds -- if they do, wouldn't the A/V receiver, for example, ground that ground to it's plugged triple ground? (at least one would think/hope!)


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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Feb 7, 2010 9:19pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Flash code used on IA

Boy are you people in the USA primitive with your electricity.

As for AV video, left and right audio, the ground is a common return, getting such things wrong, cause poor sound and video. There have been cases where a fault in one unit with a unconnected ground traveled to earth over the AV common grounds to another unit correctly grounded. Along the way vaporising tracks on PCB boards.

But I got a mixture of grounded and double insulated equipment not needing grounding, so its important everything is correct inside.

It is the same with other forms of cabling between equipment.

My Government landlord just installed RCD on my mains board, tripping one with a faulty toasted sandwich maker that night about 11-pm, knocked out all my lights and two power circuits, one circuit dedicated to all my electronics.

I wrote to the Minister of Housing, whom forwarded my letter to the Housing Corporation, where a guy whose job is to keep the Minister happy on behalf of his CEO (she has had bad press, her managers conferencing in holiday resorts) wrote saying, off course, its policy to have lights on separate circuits from power and offered to send a electrician to check my mains board.

I said don't bother, its not a fault, you got one RCD powering the lights and power points and you have done that to 1000s of homes. (I got two RCDs each running half the lights and power points while my neighbors in a different design home, only have one light circuit on a RCD also powering power points.

Tracy, if you kill yourself, what are we going to do?

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Poster: tracey pooh Date: Feb 16, 2010 5:31pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Flash code used on IA

hi peter,

wow, there's some bit of govt craziness going on down there! 8-)

i am trying very hard to not short circuit myself out. having been zapped w/ full 120V AC power as a kid three times (or more?!) i *really* dont wanna go thru that again! so i tend to verify circuit live, cut switch, cut fuse box, verify circuit dead, etc...

but i must confess, we were at it again -- this time a new small chandelier over our dining area as well as replaced overhead light in an office. tonight is another switch=>to=>dimmer replacement. i am sorry i put archive at risk! 8-)


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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Feb 17, 2010 3:55am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Flash code used on IA

You pay, and I will come over and risk my life, but only just before I return home from my 6 month 50 state tour.

I got 240 volts at age 8, I verified the switch was UP (In NZ) but should pulled out the extension cord, then went to the other end of the cord in the shed where it was hanging down, and poked a wire into it, it was supposed to stay there, but I got zapped.

What saved me was that I was reaching up, so I pulled away, and would fallen away.

Why was the power on? it was 1964 and the power point was separator from the switch, the casing of was round, and the switch and point was mounted on 1 inch thick wood, thru which the switch and point was wired, BUT the switch had been mounted upside down. Todays combined switch/point can never be installed upside down, because everybody knows the ground pin must be below the live pins, BUT they got the one piece units as its cheaper in time to install combined point/switch units

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